Agile Marketing Coaching for IHAF Members

One-week immersion and application for marketing leadership and work team

Agile marketing is more than a buzz word or fad. Marketing is realizing substantive quality and efficiency improvements by applying agile to marketing’s strategic, planning and creative processes.

Zee Jay Digital is offering a one-week immersion and practical application of agile marketing concepts for IHAF members now through March 2018.

Zee Jay’s expert agile coaches are experienced in applying agile to marketing. We’re a marketing transformation firm with a decade of experience in a range of industries, and we’re pleased to offer this opportunity to help in-house agencies use agile to work faster, be more responsive and better support their businesses.

Agile Marketing Seal

Our agile coaching approach

Modern approaches to marketing – i.e. agile – are central to extracting value from the company’s investment in process and technology. Implementation of these new approaches, however, isn’t one-size-fits-all. To help team members achieve the sustainable improvements agile promises, Zee Jay applies a tailored approach to implementation – meeting team members where they’re at.

Zee Jay’s agile workshops across two concurrent tracks (one for leadership, the other for work teams) involves the entire in-house agency implementing agile marketing.

Real-world training and planning activities for the actual initial agile cycle take place in a highly experiential, engaging group format that starts the process of embedding agile concepts in all you do.

At the conclusion of the one-week session, Zee Jay provides a custom go-forward plan for ongoing team development.

Track A: Top down – Leadership Immersion: Discover new operational mindset

Agile marketing values and principles and how to begin to apply them

Why leaders should value flow over utilization

Emergent requirements: incremental & iterative design over “big design up front”

Ways to prioritize and deliver more by limiting work in progress

Scrum and Kanban practices:

• Make work visible
• Daily standups
• Requirements (user stories)
• Agile estimating and planning

Track B: Bottom up – Work Teams: Coordinate work teams for immediate application

Need and motivation for Agile Marketing

Approaches to organizing teams

How to start Scrum and Kanban – preliminary version of a Kanban board, backlog items, mapping of agile marketing roles to the roles/people in the organization

Plug lean startup and design thinking into agile marketing to enhance process/culture

How to form collaborative, aligned, effective agile teams, and what is needed to drive in this direction

Options for how to deal with change in an agile environment

Enablers and inhibitors for agile marketing success

Sample Workshop Materials

workshop materials

Sample “Go Forward” Recommendations, following Agile Workshops

go forward recommendations

For a fast, flexible and collaborative way to introduce marketing-specific agile to your IHAF organization, contact