Campaign Process Toolkit

Apply a decade of marketing process know-how

Leverage Zee Jay Digital’s end-to-end process know-how with campaign planning materials and our omni-channel execution know-how honed over the last decade working with the world’s most successful marketers.

While marketing processes are very different than those for other areas of a company, marketers have been focusing on process for more than a decade. With an end-to-end, omni-channel perspective, high-quality process can be your framework to properly plan marketing programs and execute with high-quality creative that aligns to modern content management.

Zee Jay Digital’s process toolkits are industry-specific, easily adaptable, and are designed to be used in tandem with all leading project management and workflow technologies.

Planning and marketing implementation toolkits incorporate:

  • Campaign justification/ business case / proposals
  • Predefined roles and responsibilities mapping to workflow tasks
  • Key dates, resources, US and global stakeholders
  • Situational analysis
  • Cascading campaign KPI framework
  • Campaign messaging
  • Campaign content requirements (audiences, style elements, identification of existing assets, languages, communication channels, and more)
  • Resource requirements and work plan
  • Workflow variations for traditional long-tail campaign planning, fast path market responses with no lead time, and new/custom and fixed repeatable content.
  • Execution process variations for digitized content, video, events, website, social, email, print, and syndication/PR.
  • Emended workflow tasks for review and approval, regularity and compliance, tagging and storage, and more.

Our consultants support the deployment of Campaign Process Toolkits with:

End-to-end process education

Process governance models

Quick reference guide

Execution workflow configuration guide