Consumed with 2018 Planning? 2018 Activation Needs Equal Attention.

A 4-Part Blog Series for Marketing Leaders
Marketing activation is more complex than ever for most marketers. And, now that your 2018 plan is taking shape, improving activation of the plan is front burner stuff.

Improving activation has not been a focus for many marketers in recent years. The focus on planning customer experiences has oriented marketers to buyer journeys; while broadly activating the marketing plan has evolved to become an exercise in coordinating the mix of internal teams, external agencies and vendors, consulting firms of all flavors, MarTech/AdTech, and other resources for successful marketing.

In response, many marketers are becoming more thoughtful and nuanced in how internal teams are organized, and how external service providers are plugged into their operations to improve activation, seeking true agility and scalability in pursuit of their goals. They are designing new operating models that allow for fluid orchestration across activation teams, enhanced with an Agile mindset and new staffing models.

In support of the timely issues facing 2018 activation, this 4-part blog series explores:

  1. Marketing Leadership’s Newfound (Well Founded) Emphasis on Activation
  2. The Macro Picture: Creating The RIGHT Structure for Successful Activation
  3. The Micro Picture: Good Fences Help Marketing Organizations Activate 2018 Plan
  4. Sourcing Talent: Addressing the weakest link of 2018 activation

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Diagrams included in this blog series include: