Content Management

Create once, publish everywhere

The ability to create and manage content is now table stakes. At the same time, lines are blurring between digital and creative assets, documents, text and web content. Because these types of content are leveraged across the firm and around the world by multiple web properties, LOBs, brands, agencies, etc., reforming the processes and systems that support these content types has proven very complex.

Whether or not you currently have some or all of the content–related system implemented, most marketers admit they’re not where they want to be – given the sheer volume of digital assets that they manage on a daily basis. Marketers and their agencies operate with multiple repositories – often making assets difficult to find. As a result, team members’ time is consumed with searching for and finding what they need. Sometimes, they have to create the same assets multiple times.

Zee Jay Digital assists marketers to start with well-designed creation and distribution processes, standards, metadata, and organizational alignment, allowing the right system to improve performance in a range of essential areas:

Realize greater value from existing assets

Collaborate and share assets better with global business units

Improve searchability and reuse across all distribution channels

Streamline the creation of new assets

Establish corporate repository for agencies and vendors

Ensure brand compliance and versioning integrity