Managing the lifeblood of your business

Customer relationship management tools, whether b2b or b2c, are the most mature tools in the sales and marketing space. They’re also among the hardest working, providing visibility into the customer journey over the past 30 years.

In the age of convergence, Zee Jay Digital helps clients get more out of their CRM. Our consultants facilitate connectivity to adjacent functionality, while assuring the flexibility needed to select among thousands of complementary solutions based on which works best for their business.

Our Agile approach to aligning CRM capabilities with marketing automation, digital asset management, and other components of the MarTech stack is focused on transforming the way customers engage with you. We help marketing leaders embrace the practices—account-based marketing and content marketing—that do the same.

At Zee Jay, we create a framework based not on which marketing cloud player was acquired by which CRM provider, but on maximizing the end-to-end marketing, sales and service touchpoints that strengthen relationships long term.