Cross-Channel Engagement

Breakdown channel silos for ultra-connected buyers

It’s about the ultra-connected buyer, and their preferences are always right. They do not think in terms of channels, but in terms of their experience.

In reality, many marketers build their organizations around channels. Most have evolved to complicated and siloed operations that makes it difficult to unify the customer experience. While omni-channel proliferation has greatly increased the complexity of engaging customers, many firms are now stifled by legacy silos and traditional marketing skills that are proving to be ineffective for spanning digital and social demands.

Zee Jay Digital encourages our clients to look past artificial functional silos and think in terms of touch points. From these touchpoints, we define the processes and tools needed to fulfill customer preferences at each point.

How we achieve omni-channel engagement:

Shared view of customer experience across functions

Planning processes that specify the gamut of insights, strategies and channels to support a campaign

Execution process for create once, publish everywhere (COPE)

Process designed for enablement across technologies

The outcomes of our approach assure content that is aligned to a greater strategy, and is developed in a way that allows for seamless distribution across all channels.