Digital Asset Management: It’s About the Components, Not A Single Off-The-Shelf System

We believe a traditional off-the-shelf DAM solution is only one piece of the technology puzzle. So what’s missing?

The complex mix of teams, brands, processes, and technologies that marketing and creative leaders must navigate is at the heart of digital asset management challenges. Asset volumes are increasing along with the pace of competition. Combine this with the variety of assets required to reach your audience and the need to deliver value and you wind up in an environment where Big Marketing copes with suboptimal solutions.

Few marketing organizations have taken a step back from day-to-day survival to improve. This eBook discusses an approach marketing to tame the bear that is Digital Asset Management, amidst a time of transformation.

This paper includes:

  • DAM is More than a Repository – It’s Marketing’s Product
  • As Per Usual, It Starts with Customer
  • As the Textbook Says: “Focus on Process”
  • Solution Considerations
  • Where to Start

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