Financial Services

Achieve marketing scale for engagement

Wealth management, retail banking, institutional banking and insurance are all in a state of change. Financial services marketing, once focused on sales-led initiatives and sales support, is now able to deliver broader scale and reach thanks to marketing automation.

Zee Jay Digital draws on the deep financial services expertise of our consultants. Our team understands that the right operating model will define how content flows across the organization and through marketing, resulting in repeatable, timely deliverables. A properly defined global footprint will balance regionally placed roles and tasks to maximize speed and relevancy to local markets. The idea is to unify the customer experience and deliver the right content at the right time not with heroics, but in the normal course of business.

Our approach brings the financial services marketing operating model to life by:

Bridging disconnected investment and product perspectives with frontline marketing content creators

Creating a shared view of the customer experience for institutional, advisor, retail and other segments

Enabling customer journeys that cross product and LOB boundaries

Shifting mindsets away from formalistic standards to embrace flexibility

Organizing global content and messaging frameworks while allowing for regional variations

Assessing outsourcing non-core fulfillment capabilities, and others

Acquiring talent from within and outside financial services for leading digital skills