Good Morning, Marketing

A podcast tribute to real-world marketers

Marketing leaders, creatives, account managers, developers, and the folks who manage budgets. This podcast series airs what these and other working marketers have to say about their every day.

As customer expectations morph, those on the front lines are waking up to the reality that the way their team works hasn’t kept up with the times. It’s overly-complicated, politically stifling and just plain difficult to get work done. It’s now time for collective problem solving to make things right.

Zee Jay Media uncovers the challenges of modernizing marketing in the digital age. The talk’s entertaining, the dialog will open your eyes, and the therapeutic value is well worth your time.

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Latest Episodes

  • Agile Marketing: Challenges, Misconceptions, and Why Its more than a Buzzword

    Are you Agile with a capital A? Or even with a lowercase “a”? As technology advances and operating models become outdated, many teams turn to agile as a method for managing marketing in a digital world. While agile got its start in the software development......

  • A Life in Brand and Marketing: Realities of Building a Business as a Brand Expert

    What does a life in brand and marketing look like? Often it is a story about taking risks, learning hard lessons, and channeling endless creativity and resourcefulness. In this episode, global brand authority Erika Syzchowski joins us to discuss the nuances of being a brand......

  • Marketer in the Middle: How Do You Manage the Creative Review Process?

    How do you work with creatives? This episode brings back Paige Sargent, who lent us her experience forming relationships with creative folks in the episode: Take a Look Inside the Creative Mind. Review and approval is a major pain point for many marketers who must......

  • From Alcohol to Cannabis: Marketing After Prohibition

    Both cannabis and alcohol share uniquely parallel paths throughout history – with both products experiencing times of prohibition, medicinal use, and legalization, despite coming of age at vastly different times. Alcohol and spirits marketing has evolved to contend with digital transformations rampant in the past......

  • Realities of Reporting to the CMO

    There are plenty of misconceptions about the role of a CMO, and the reality of reporting to this outward-facing, CEO- and board- oriented role is far different than you might imagine. In this episode, we explore the true experience of reporting to the CMO for......

  • The Nature of Bias in Marketing

    Marketers use the psychological concept of bias – predisposed ways of thinking, feeling, and acting – to drive consumer behavior every day. And, whether you work in marketing or any other field, you probably encounter bias in the workplace on a daily basis. In this......

  • Take a Look Inside the Creative Mind

    As marketers, we interact with highly creative people every single day and may even be one ourselves because marketing is both an art and science. While we typically encounter the highly creative while working with our internal or external agencies, uniquely inventive people are everywhere......

Upcoming Episodes

This is the unofficial list of upcoming episodes and guests scheduled to appear on Good Morning Marketing.

  • Episode 5: Brand, the Essence of Business

    • In this episode we explore a down to earth brand built around the philosophy of empowerment and accessible leadership.
    • Guest(s): Doug Brown, Brown Bag Marketing
    • Date: 11/27/18

  • Episode 6: A Life in Brand, Marketing, and Business

    • Erika Szychowski is the fearless leader and founder of Good Zebra, a better-for-you snack food company, and the F-project. In this episode we explore lessons learned and insights from Erika’s career as brand expert in a variety of industries and discuss the challenges, mistakes, and real-life story of making the jump from marketing executive to entrepreneur.
    • Guest(s): Erika Szychowski
    • Date: 12/11/18

  • Episode 7: State of the Industry, 2018

    • Join us for a fireside chat (and some B-reel bloopers) with Zee Jay Digital managing director, Eric Rotkow regarding the state of the digital transformation and marketing ops industry at the end of 2018.
    • Guest(s): Eric Rotkow
    • Date: TBD

  • Episode 8: History of Marketing Operations

    • As we think about the future of marketing operations, we must also consider it’s past. Disruption, innovation, and evolution of the industry over the past 30 years from an insider informant.
    • Guest(s): Mayer Becker
    • Date: TBD