High Tech

Fusing product development with marketing

Today, the high tech industry cuts across all others. Consumer electronics will continue to pull through innovations born from the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, among others. New software deployment (i.e., the shift to cloud) will propel business productivity and user experiences. New medical devises are leading to increasingly faster commercialization of new drugs and treatments. No matter b2b or b2c, few industries will be unaffected.

Buyers’ use of online forums and communities for research will be where opportunities are won or lost. Buyer journey’s will be increasingly unpredictable, making the customer experience challenging to impact. In response, tech marketing spending is dramatically increasing, with investments in content strategies and content distribution. Tech marketers who invest in winning experiences now, will grow customer base, while marketers who do not invest may not be able to win back customers they once satisfied.

Our approach brings high tech’s operating model to life by:

Orchestrating engineering and productive development with sales and marketing

Creating a shared view of the customer experience

Designing common product development and launch processes, sensitive to non-yet-public product planning requirements

Organizing global content and messaging frameworks while allowing for regional variations, translations and trans-creations

Assessing outsourcing non-core fulfillment capabilities, and others