In-House Agency Optimization

Relieve the pressure by modernizing in-house agency operations

Clients are demanding, and until now there hasn’t been enough direction, information and resources to get the work done. As a result, missed deadlines, employee burn-out and less-than-optimal creative quality happen more often than they should. The good news is that finally, new operating models and approaches to team- and process-design are here to help.

Never before have there been so many considerations for in-house leaders to contemplate to advance their in-house agency operations. The decision to centralize in a traditional model, or to distribute resources across the business in favor of an Agile model fundamentally shapes (or re-shapes) the role of the agency and how work is prioritized and resourced in a digital environment.

For our clients, Zee Jay Digital offers comprehensive thinking and tools to address the fundamental structure of the agency operating model, along with more tactical solutions to enhance the current agency model. Our work includes:

  • End-to-end creative and production process definition and refinement
  • Operating and resourcing models
  • Outsourcing design and RFP management
  • Agile coaching
  • Technology selection and implementation
  • Organizational design
  • Change management and leadership development

Zee Jay is proud to sponsor IHAF’s 2018 Annual Conference & Awards Show

In-house agency forum

We apply decades of experience across industries, including financial services, insurance, pharma, consumer packaged goods, retail and more, to uncover actionable answers to questions in-house agency leaders frequently ask:

What services should we offer to our internal customers? What do they expect of us?

What capabilities do we need to provide our services on time, with high quality?

How can we get strategic support we need to most effectively plan and execute creative and production?

Should we have a charge-back strategy? What is best approach?

How do we manage internal-external collaboration?

What skill sets do we need in-house and which are best to outsource?

How does our internal agency work with external agencies?

How do we balance creative, client service and administration?

What will help us forge durable strategic relationships with internal clients?

How do we help our organization and our clients understand our value?