Accelerating new opportunities born from new technology

Mature and emerging manufacturing sectors are no longer sheltered from digital transformation. Aftermarket sales are more important than ever. E-commerce and direct selling create new revenue streams. The Internet of Things (IoT) reveals new opportunities for innovation and invigorated competition.

Business buyers, now sensitized to modern digital touch points, are seeking product and competitive information. Websites are becoming a lead gen tool, and video is highly sought after. Many digital tactics are now table stakes. In response, marketing strategies are becoming more defined, dedicated marketing teams and budgets are growing, and in-sourcing/ outsourcing of marketing capabilities are being evaluated. As with other newly disrupted industries we serve, our consultants draw on learnings from more mature industries who have already navigated similar disruption and changes in buyer preferences.

Our approach brings manufactures’ operating model to life by:

Applying customer experience and journey concepts to once sales focused selling approaches

Elevating the role of segment and channel marketing to drive go to market strategies

Establishing and sustaining foundational marketing automation capabilities

Designing end to end processes to coordinate the flow of planning and content creation across all internal and external team members