Marketing Automation

Even marketing automation vendors admit growing pains

Studies show marketing automation takes longer to implement, delivers less and requires more resources than initially expected. Organizations new to MA are struggling to get up and running, while those who’ve been at it awhile are failing to scale.

Marketing leaders who’ve cracked the code—effectively nurturing prospects with personalized content and converting them to customers—are realizing the often elusive promise of solutions designed to automate marketing touchpoints.

Zee Jay Digital understands what it takes for marketing automation to succeed: Compressed implementation cycles. Agile, incremental workflows. And a test-and-learn method of continuous improvement. We know how to make MA work for our clients.

In today’s era of convergence, Zee Jay is helping even organizations who’ve experienced favorable outcomes manage marketing automation better, addressing:

  • The convergence of MarTech with AdTech;
  • The convergence of ultra-personalized account-based marketing with traditional approaches;
  • The convergence of CRM with marketing automation.