Marketing Operations

Connect the back office to the front office

The back office and front office are converging. Those charged to impact the customer experience and those charged to manage the operations to deliver experience are aligned now more than ever.

For many companies, however, marketing operations still needs to advance from rigid project management and accounting orientations to a more adaptive mindset. The optimum level of structure will vary for each industry and for each marketer in the industry, but well-conceived marketing operations should be the connective tissue that coordinates the flow of ideas and strategies, ensures alignment, and makes it possible for marketing to be executed in a way that aligns to customer engagement.

Zee Jay Digital’s marketing operations expertise is based on the design and ongoing management of:

  • Project management and calendaring
  • In-house creative and external agency collaboration
  • Content standards and governance
  • Dashboard reporting and analysis
  • Vendor management
  • Financial planning and procurement
  • Capacity planning and resource balancing

Marketing operations deliverables include:

  • Marketing operations assessment
  • Operational KPIs and reporting plan
  • Enterprise planning and procurement integration
  • Marketing spend analysis
  • Agency and vendor optimization

The outcomes of our approach connect marketing’s back-office to the enterprise and fit within the context of your greater technology ecosystem for winning omnichannel customer experiences.

Benefits of well-design marketing operations

Omni-channel speed to market

Brand content consistency

Spend/Cost Management

Program/Project Visibility

Resource integration and alignment