What’s your (tech) stack story?

A campaign to create cohesive customer experiences

Do your project management tools provide the views marketers need to do their jobs? Are your budgeting and planning point solutions integrated with project management? Is your team maintaining separate spreadsheets, even with enterprise solutions in place? Are your DAM, workflow and other foundational systems on the same page? Do you have visibility into budget, performance and status?

If one of these questions makes your stomach turn, you’ve got a stack story to tell. And Zee Jay Digital, the marketing transformation company, has a resource to help you feel better going forward.

Our new Solution Brief details how you can overcome fragmentation and orchestrate your operations and tools with Workfront + Fusion to connect 150+ enterprise marketing applications for seamless process flow—and unified customer experiences.

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Workfront Solution Brief

Make the new Workfront Solution Brief and your customized, live demo of a day in the life with integrated process flow part of your stack story.

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A Day in the life with Marketing’s Integrated Process Flow

Take a cross-functional look at an integrated process flow that delivers the right content to the right person at the right time. Team members work in the right tools for their job, with the right data and files synced across systems at key points in the process to ensure time isn’t wasted duplicating efforts, calling status meetings, or re-entering data. A seamless process delivers seamless experiences to your customers, with resources working together to deliver maximum value.

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Delivering a cohesive customer experience with Workfront Fusion

Watch the webinar to see top use cases for a unified stack that drives seamless customer experiences’.

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