Unified Sales and Marketing

Let the buying journey drive, not job descriptions

In many once-sales-led industries, marketing supported sales with collateral and sales engaged prospects. Now, marketing is being brought to the forefront to scale acquisition and ongoing relationship. Now is the time for sales and marketing leaders to invest in the processes and technologies that result in seamless benefit at each point where the customer lifecycle crosses their teams’ boundaries.

From a well-conceived marketing operating model, Zee Jay Digital helps sales and marketing leaders establish clear authority and formalize processes that yield collaboration. A shared view of all touches throughout customer journey permit high-quality workflow for lead handoff that work for both sales and marketing, and allow marketing to show its impact on pipeline and revenue.

Marketers should shift their focus from justifying individual tactics to exploring which combination and sequences of marketing touches are predictive of successful outcomes.

The automation of marketing is often found in lead nurturing and scoring, directing “best” offers and content up to the key conversion points… marketing qualified lead (MQL), MQL to sales accepted lead (SAL), SAL to sales qualified lead (SQL), SQL to closed/won business.

Zee Jay Digital’s approach results in high quality lead nurturing that engages customers, aligns sales and marketing leaders and managers, and automates touches across digital touchpoints, and outcomes that:

Drive Higher Impact

Increase inquiry velocity

Accelerate pipeline movement

Lower the cost of leads

Drive a higher order value