Marketing Transformation

We are built to address the industry’s challenge to deploy marketing technology for benefits we believe now possible. Our consultants have the broad experience needed to unify marketing disciplines — blending organization, marketing and technology strategies into vision and execution, while enhancing the customers’ journey.


Bolting on technology is not the answer

The most powerful force driving digital transformation is convergence. Marketers need to successfully navigate convergence — of apps, communities, content, devices, channels and behaviors — to win relationships and compete.

How companies compete has changed over time. Soon brands will only compete on one dimension:
the customer relationship.


We believe, in the future brands will compete on only one dimension: relationships. How marketing is organized — and the technologies that support it — will favor simplicity and transparency. Content and technologies will be channel neutral. Relationships will rule.



Buyer interactions are converging. To respond, marketing organizations and their agencies must converge as well.

Here’s what convergence will look like:

Apps and devices used to communicate with brands and communities become one.

Content formerly designed for specific channels is created only once — and published everywhere.

B2B and B2C buying behaviors, once dramatically different, become one with the availability of product information.


Personal and professional identities, formerly distinct and separate, become one with the transparency of personal information.

Processes are shared across business units. Lines are blurred between sales, marketing and service.


Breakdown silos, in favor of customer engagement

Our approach creates the flexibility to change without disruption. We advocate:

Marketing is the driver of the customer experience

Thoughtful design of a technology ecosystem is the only way to realize value from a complicated martech landscape.

New process and management approaches are needed to equip marketing leaders in the new normal

The ultra-connected consumers’ preferences are always right


Zee Jay Digital is focused on the transformation of marketing.

Eric Rotkow

Eric Rotkow

Managing Director

As our founder, Eric believes that while marketing technology is fundamentally important and useful, marketing leaders must reconceive how they operate and engage customers before applying technology. Marketing needs to establish agile operating frameworks that allow the freedom and flexibility to adapt to change without disruption as new capabilities emerge.

Together with his team, Eric works with marketing leaders to bring forward new operational and management approaches that elevate tech-led change to harness the convergence of process and communication to improve engagement — and win relationships.

Prior to Zee Jay Digital, Eric led marketing operations practices at prominent global consulting and software development firms. He has extensive agency-side experience in many marketing disciplines including agency management, customer research, omnichannel communication programs, social media, and brand development.

Eric earned an MBA in marketing from Georgia State University, and a BS in advertising from University of Florida, with additional graduate studies in computer information systems management. Eric lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and is an active member of Business Marketing Association and the greater Boston business community.