Symptoms of a Less-Than-Healthy Marketing Environment

18 Symptoms of a Less-Than-Healthy Marketing Environment

Which Ones Are Ailing You?

While it’s true there are maladies you have to live with (the cold comes to mind), there are many you can do something about. The contents of mega drugstores are devoted to helping conquer the everyday aches and pains that attempt to keep us down.

Same goes for marketing. While it’s not easy running the enterprise’s most fast-paced, fluid and creative organization, there’s a lot of misery out there you don’t need to put up with. Those missed deadlines, budget shortfalls, reworked projects and compliance pitfalls can be treated. Analytics, technology and processes—properly planned, implemented and managed—are the antidotes to what ails marketing leaders everywhere.

We invite you to peruse Zee Jay Digital's infographic developed to help diagnose what’s afflicting your marketing effectiveness. Figuring out what’s wrong is an important first step in helping you understand the benefits of making operational improvements that enable a healthy, productive marketing environment.

marketing health-check


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