Take a Look Inside the Creative Mind

As marketers, we interact with highly creative people every single day and may even be one ourselves because marketing is both an art and science. While we typically encounter the highly creative while working with our internal or external agencies, uniquely inventive people are everywhere in the marketing world. In this episode, we take a look at how the creative mind functions and try to understand ourselves and our highly creative counterparts a little better.

Daily Routines of Famous Creative People Infographic

Guest: Paige Sargent
Paige Sargent is a 20-year retail marketing veteran who previously held a global role as the Director Account and Project Management for Staples’ In-house marketing and advertising agency. In various roles over her career, Paige was responsible for the creative execution of more than 5,000 marketing projects a year across North America and Europe.

Host: Veronica Bright
Veronica Bright is a solution architect at Zee Jay Digital. Specializing in marketing resource and digital asset management, Veronica delivers thoughtful, functional solutions for enterprise clients. Veronica believes that technology design starts and ends with the people who use it, and strives to put people first in every solution she builds.

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