Realities and Challenges of Digital Content Marketing Operations and Strategy for B2C and B2B Retailers

Digital content marketing is critical in supporting eCommerce- especially in an online retail environment competing with the likes of Amazon. In today’s episode we explore the challenges faced by creative producers who are tasked with producing and delivering innovative and inspiring content to their audience, and proving the value of that content through analytics. Our guest provides insight into how marketer’s worlds are becoming more and more a marriage between creative and analytical, regardless of the specific marketing function you support.

Guest: Jason Tables

Jason is a Senior Creative Producer at a major photo and video equipment retailer, and is also producer of Good Morning Marketing & other major corporate podcasts. Jason has served as a product manager for Roland Musical Instruments, a marketing rep for JBL Pro, and also has extensive experience working in the music industry as a producer and recording engineer. Also, an accomplished commercial music composer, he has licensed his music to highly rated TV shows such as Ray Donovan, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and others across networks like Fuse, MTV, VH1, E!, Bravo & Showtime.

Host: Veronica Bright

Veronica Bright is a solution architect at Zee Jay Digital. Specializing in marketing resource and digital asset management, Veronica delivers thoughtful, functional solutions for enterprise clients. Veronica believes that technology design starts and ends with the people who use it, and strives to put people first in every solution she builds.

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