Hiring Technology for Automated Work Processes – Making the Case for Workfront Fusion Integration Platform with Product Manager Melinda Layten

With massive amounts of technology available, the mystery around what technology can do is fading and is being replaced by a new question: How to strategically implement the right technology, with the right integrations, to achieve unification across the business.

Bringing in an automation tool or integration platform promises to save manual efforts of your employees, generate greater and more comprehensive customer experiences, and put the right tools in the right hands. Yet making the case for expensive tools can be daunting, and adopting the right approach to onboarding technology confusing.

Join me and Workfront's API and Integration Product Manager Melinda Layten as we discuss the strategy of “hiring” technology for automated work processes.

Guest: Melinda Layten

Storyteller and fundamental client problem solver who loves to dive into the data model to find the real answers to the true problem. Changing the front-end solution is easy, reframing the process to match the realities of a business is the game changer.

Host: Veronica Bright

Veronica Bright is a solution architect at Zee Jay Digital. Specializing in marketing resource and digital asset management, Veronica delivers thoughtful, functional solutions for enterprise clients. Veronica believes that technology design starts and ends with the people who use it, and strives to put people first in every solution she builds.

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