Why Creativity Suffers in a Programmatic Ecosystem - And What to Do About It, with Sam Yates, Managing Partner at Neon Consulting

In today’s programmatic marketing & advertising environment, one where technology drives a ‘one to one’ conversation with the customer, the sheer volume of content needed to support the messaging strategy is causing a steep decline in creativity and quality of marketing communications. Simply having a targeted persona doesn’t automatically equal ROI or behavioral change for the consumer; In fact, targeting the right person with the wrong message can do more harm than good. Therefore, investing in quality creative should be the top priority of marketing and advertising organizations today, who share a communal responsibility for producing compelling, delightful content in an overly saturated market.

Joining us to detangle this complex issue in this episode is Sam Yates, Managing Partner at Neon Consulting.

Guest: Sam Yates, Managing Partner, Neon Consulting

Sam is the managing partner at Neon Consulting, a firm specializing in helping marketing and advertising organizations select, optimize, and manage technology for creative operations. With over 15 years of experience implementing, managing, and advising marketing and advertising ops, Sam has worked with a variety of brands, agencies, and technology vendors.

Learn more about creative operations technology selection, optimization, and management at Neon Consulting - Part of the Zee Jay Digital Global Work Management Alliance

Host: Veronica Bright

Veronica Bright is a solution architect at Zee Jay Digital. Specializing in marketing resource and digital asset management, Veronica delivers thoughtful, functional solutions for enterprise clients. Veronica believes that technology design starts and ends with the people who use it, and strives to put people first in every solution she builds.

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