Zee Jay Digital Named Workfront Partner of the Year

Marketing transformation consultancy receives elite award from leading enterprise work management application provider

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (May 7, 2020)—Zee Jay Digital today announced that it has received a coveted Workfront Partner of the Year award for the second consecutive year. Workfront, a work management technology company, named Zee Jay, a marketing transformation firm, Regional System Integrator of the Year as part of its annual Leap User Conference, a virtual event to be held June 24, 2020. Last year Zee Jay was named Breakthrough Partner of the Year.

“We are honored to be recognized again for our unending commitment to client satisfaction,” said Eric Rotkow, Managing Director of Zee Jay Digital, a firm that provides management consulting and implementation services to corporate marketing organizations and in-house agencies deploying work management solutions. “Our team is proud to help our clients leverage Workfront to better structure, operate, and compete in today’s new normal.”

In a statement informing Zee Jay of the recognition, Workfront’s Paige Erikson, Senior Vice President of Business Development, and Tom Crabb, Partner Business Manager, said: “We appreciate everything the Zee Jay Digital team has done to create solutions and drive value for our mutual clients, for Zee Jay and for Workfront. We recognize that your experience and expertise are key differentiators and bring immense value to our customers.”

Strategic partnerships are fundamental to serving our clients well,” Rotkow said, referring to the partnership with Workfront as well as affiliations with solution providers across the marketing stack, including those offering digital asset management (DAM), marketing resource management (MRM), product information management (PIM), financial management, and resource allocation technology. “Our investment into our partnerships, coupled with our focus on helping marketing organizations, helps us help our clients succeed,” Rotkow said. Zee Jay has formal partnerships with Workfront, Widen (DAM) and Allocadia (MPM). In addition the firm is a founding member of the Global Work Management Alliance, enabling global deployments.

As a firm exclusively serving marketing organizations, Zee Jay Digital values Workfront’s ability to fully support marketing’s unique needs. “Workfront is by far the best platform for marketing, enabling marketing teams to benefit from full integration between and among adjacent solutions. Our mutual customers easily connect all their systems, benefiting from a single system-of-record view, aligned taxonomies across platforms and integrated reporting,” Rotkow said.

Workfront’s ability to manage unique and intertwined complexities of marketing process coupled with Zee Jay’s marketing expertise—team members come from marketing’s front lines, and include marketing and creative technologists, data scientists and digital strategists—are a winning combination, Rotkow noted.

The Workfront/Zee Jay Digital teams have several initiatives underway: integrating with a vertical-focused solution, as well as leveraging enhanced automation though Workfront Fusion, Workfront’s integration platform that connects business-critical solutions across the technology ecosystem.

“We look forward to working together to continue to help our mutual customers thrive in a digital world,” Rotkow said.

About Zee Jay Digital

A boutique alternative to global consulting firms, Zee Jay Digital transforms marketing’s operating model, and the orchestration of work across internal and external teams, to achieve personalized customer experiences at scale. The consultancy was named Workfront Partner of the Year in 2019, and is an Allocadia partner. In addition, Zee Jay is a founding member of the Global Work Management Alliance. Clients include Whole Foods + Amazon, John Hancock, Nike, TJX, Anheuser-Busch, UHS, AAA, Brooks Brothers, Fresenius, Ledvance, Kroger, Big Lots, Perkin Elmer, Bright Horizons, Talbots, Charles River, Giant Eagle, and more. To learn more about how Zee Jay can optimize your marketing organization, visit ZeeJayDigital.com.

About Workfront

Workfront is the work management application platform for the enterprise, helping people do their best work so companies can thrive in a digital world. Workfront is built for people, effortlessly connecting teams and easily integrating into existing applications and systems. The ability to see, measure, and analyze critical factors such as resources, outcomes, and priorities keeps everyone on the same page, with a clear understanding of why their work matters. Workfront has helped thousands of companies including BT, Cisco Systems, Comcast, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, Fossil Group, TSB, and Trek successfully transform their businesses into modern enterprises that increase revenue, improve employee and customer experiences, and reduce cost. To learn more about how Workfront can help your enterprise thrive, visit Workfront.com.

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