How do you operationalize a relationship? An approach to influencer and social media marketing strategies with Chef Mike Haracz

In the world of social media marketing, companies must balance the need to build a genuine relationship with the community, with the need to control their marketing messages that come from community influencers. This conflicting dynamic is the core of many brand’s struggles with the powerful but unpredictable tool of influencer marketing.

The difficulty with this dynamic is most apparent in the influencer social media world due to the importance placed on individual personalities, and the potentially conflicting priorities of an individual influencer against the brands they represent.  In this episode, I’ll discuss these challenges and some strategies for alleviating them with our guest, Chef Mike.

Guest: Chef Mike Haracz

‘Chef Mike’ has been working professionally in the food industry for over 20 years, while also graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University. He has developed hundreds of nationally launched food and beverage items, worked as the Manager of Culinary Innovation for McDonald's, and has grown a small following across multiple social media platforms.  Due to current events, he recently started his own YouTube channel called Chef Mike Does Stuff, teaching the most basic cooking skills to those who have never stepped foot into a kitchen.  Along with his culinary career, he has personally studied marketing, consumer science, and branding to aid him in his personal and professional career advancement.

Check out Chef Mike on social media:

 Host: Veronica Bright

Veronica Bright is a solution architect at Zee Jay Digital. Specializing in marketing resource and digital asset management, Veronica delivers thoughtful, functional solutions for enterprise clients. Veronica believes that technology design starts and ends with the people who use it, and strives to put people first in every solution she builds.

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