Organizational Transformation

Reconceive how marketing operates and engages customers

Transformation is intimidating, and knowing where to start is not always obvious. Often, transformation is triggered by the need to replace a single system, revealing a complex mix of interdependent decisions:

  • What are marketing’s responsibilities for the firm?
  • How does marketing interact with adjacent functions?
  • What capabilities are needed now? In the future?
  • Which capabilities are in-sourced, and which are outsourced?
  • How does the global footprint accommodate speed, scale and relevancy?
  • Which areas govern standards? Which areas are free to operate independently?

Leaders must take a step back to reconceive how marketing operates and how it engages customers. This big-picture thinking is necessary to establish a marketing function that will accommodate changes in customer behavior and technology without disruption as new capabilities emerge.

Zee Jay Digital’s approach puts marketing’s operating model at the center of change. With the right operating model, marketing can thrive in a perpetual state of change — with a flexible framework that unifies the range of improvement initiatives that collectively successfully transform.

Unified Marketing Transformation Framework

Over last decade, Zee Jay evolved the Unified Marketing Transformation Framework to fill the gap left by other consulting firms and thought leaders to help marketing successfully transform.

The framework ensures top down alignment of process, teams and technology to the marketing operating model. It emphasizes that technology in-and-of-itself does not solve problems, but technology is the enabler of the marketing operating model

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