A boutique alternative to large consulting firms, Zee Jay Digital helps corporate marketing organizations and in-house agencies structure, operate and compete in a digital world (not just “do” digital marketing).

We transform marketing’s organizational design—and the orchestration of work across internal and external teams—to achieve personalized customer experiences at scale.

eBook: Freedom Within a Framework

A CMO’s Guide to Transformation

Marketing needs to capitalize on new opportunities instantly. At the same time they require a structure that assures actions are coherent and consistent. Striking the balance between freedom and framework is key to creating the high-value customer interactions that drive growth.

CMOs: Do you know where to start?


Agile Marketing

Increase Marketing’s Metabolism

We equip large and small marketing teams to be the digital profession marketing has become.


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  • Sourcing Talent to Meet Needs of New Marketing Organizational Design

    This is the fourth of a 4-part blog series Consumed with 2018 Planning? Activation Needs Equal Attention. The blog series aims to support the timely issues marketing leaders face in activating their 2018 marketing plans. Addressing the Weakest Link of 2018 Marketing Activation Despite huge......

  • Mirren Live NYC

    Marketing Operations Exchange NYC 2017

    Mayer Becker is Program Chair, and will also be moderating a panel discussion with marketing operations leaders | November 13 @ 3:10pm Eric Rotkow will be giving a talk to marketing operations leaders | November 13 @ 11:25am Marketing operations is fast becoming an essential......

  • Agile Marketing: Keys to Alignment and Scalability

    Agile applied to marketing is not new. The application of the IT concept for development of marketing programs has been adopted by many firms, each firm often giving it a unique take. With Agile, we have seen marketing productivity and quality increase, but potential to......

  • Zee Jay Digital Publishes Marketing Transformation eBook

    Freedom Within a Framework: A CMO’s guide to the marketing operating model in the digital age released today PROVIDENCE, RI (May 1, 2017)—Zee Jay Digital announced the publication of Freedom Within a Framework, a comprehensive whitepaper detailing how CMOs can create agile marketing environments needed......